The year start with the digging of the water tank and also the clearing of the septic tank which is equally under construction and due completion by next week if everything goes on well. Then Mathias visit helped because he came and a lot was done in terms of public relation and to see at first hand how AfreakMED ghana runs, the challenges and the successes. The major problems were to try and get the land registered because a lot of development are take place around the clinic. And we need to secure the land for future development. I met the district director of health but she told me she was attending a workshop, so we have scheduled a meeting with the region director of health so that the staffing issues and what ever help the district, region and the ministry have for AfreakMED will be brought to bear for AfreakMED to take a decision. I have equally been advices that there is a coalition of NGO that get support from international counties, organization and government. I am therefore trying to get more information about this coalition and get us registered so that we can equally get some of this funds. As i said and your brother Mathias coming and observing we will be able to get more funds in Ghana if we start operating. I hope you have a successful meeting and regards to all donors and family members of AfreakMED. STAY BLESSED AND MAY GOD BLESS AFREAKMED TO GROW FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON.

Louis Kpangkpari