Hello to you, members of AfreakMED. I am very sorry I cannot be physically present with you. I am however making arrangements to come visit you soon. We in Ghana are very grateful to you for all the time and sacrifice you have put in, raising funds for our clinic project in Tolong. I must say we are in very high spirits at the moment and greatly motivated in completing the project before the middle of this year. The project as it currently stand is about 95% complete. All that is left for it to be operational are the completion of the septic tank, water storage tanks and the provision of electricity to the facility. Work on the septic and water storage tanks are under way as we speak. Thanks to the money you sent. What we are yet to tackle is the acquisition of a 100kV step down transformer to energize the facility. The beds and other medical equipments which you so generously donated have been installed thanks to Dr. Bayer and his friend. We in Ghana are grateful and say ayekoo!!! The future looks bright and I look forward to seeing you all at the commissioning soon. Thank you and stay blessed. Yours in-the-service-of AfreakMED,

Kpangpari Steve B.T.